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Bacaro da Fiore

In 1991, Trattoria da Fiore split in half, giving rise to "Bacaro da Fiore," now a famous cicchetteria. Here, you can find baccalà mantecato, grilled or even fried cuttlefish, Moeche (soft-shell crabs) fried with white polenta, sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines), castraura di Sant'Erasmo (a traditional dish with mutton and vegetables),

fried calamari, various types of fried and cooked vegetables, along with dishes like spezzatino (stewed meat), nervetti with onions, fegato alla veneziana (Venetian-style liver), roasted potatoes, and more. All of these delicious offerings can be enjoyed with a good glass of wine from the Fiore selection.


Welcome to our bacaro, where the tradition of Venice comes to life in every sip of "Ombra,"

a term steeped in Venetian history and tradition.


It has become a symbol of hospitality

and derives from the historical practice of serving wine in small quantities in the shadow (ombra) of the bell tower "San Marco", in San Marco's square, the bell tower was called "El Paron".


Today, we celebrate this ancient custom by offering a selection of local wines that will transport you to the magical atmosphere of this unique city in the world.

Spritz & Cicchetto

The Select Spritz encapsulates a piece

of Venetian history.

During the era of the Austro-Hungarians, soldiers would dilute (in German, "spritzen") white wine with sparkling water

to make it lighter.


This mix evolved into the famous aperitivo, traditionally accompanied by cicchetti,

which are small portions of food infused with local flavors. Each cicchetto tells a story:

from the classic baccalà crostini

to the sardines in saor.

Our bacaro welcomes you with an informal, warm, and convivial atmosphere, giving you

the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of Venetian tradition.


It's a world where the warmth of hospitality blends with the unique flavor of our cicchetti and the "ombra" that accompanies them.


Here, the art of conviviality mixes with Venetian tradition, offering you unforgettable moments.


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