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Trattoria da Fiore

Where you can now find our restaurant, in Venice in Calle delle Botteghe a San Marco, in 1871 there was a wine shop. In the 1950s, it was acquired by a family from Dolo, and the owner was affectionately called "Fiore" by friends and family.

This famous nickname, eventually became the name of the restaurant itself. In 1983,

the trattoria was taken over by Sergio Boschian, who brought a wave of new energy, making it synonymous with quality and tradition, and earning it appreciation both in Italy and abroad.
This typical, informal, and family-oriented Venetian restaurant engages everyone with genuine cuisine made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.
Over the years, the ancient trattoria "da Fiore" has managed to grow while retaining a loyal clientele. It offers excellent traditional Venetian cuisine in a market increasingly globalized

with new tastes and habits.


Welcome to Trattoria Da Fiore, where the love for food and the environment come together to create a unique culinary experience through carefully selected ingredients.


We value the importance of seasonal products, and every dish we serve tells the story of the land, offering authentic and fresh flavors.


You can immerse yourself in the delights of nature, expressed seasonly with genuine and nourishing tastes.

Product Quality Selection

The quality in our selection is our top priority.


Every ingredient we use is chosen with care, ensuring only fresh and high-quality products for an impeccable culinary experience.


Each dish is a celebration of authentic flavors and prime ingredients, selected with passion to satisfy even the most discerning palates and to offer authenticity in every bite.

Traditional cuisine

Tradition comes to life every day in our menu.


With each course prepared with passion and local ingredients, you can taste the genuine and authentic spirit of Venice.


Every bite will transport you directly into the city, taking you on a journey to the heart of Venice's culinary tradition.


We take pride in preserving and sharing the gastronomic roots of our wonderful city.

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